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Sandie Williamson

Chair of Governors


Paul Holdsworth

Vice Chair

Emma Carr


Ian Toon


Vicky Brown

Lorna Wright

Stephanie Morriss


Ab Kettleby School - Wartnaby Road - Ab Kettleby - Melton Mowbray - Leicestershire - LE14 3JJ
Phone: 01664-822302 Fax: 01664-822302 - E-mail: admin@abkettleby.org

‘Ab Kettleby School is part of the Mowbray Education Trust’

Academy trusts have different governance arrangements to maintained schools and their governors have a wider range of duties than governors of maintained schools.  Academy trusts have an additional layer of governance compared to maintained schools, known as the members. In reality the members will be responsible only for fundamental decisions such as changing the constitution of the academy trust and it is the governing body which remains the body responsible for making strategic decisions about the day to day running of the academy.  The governors at Ab Kettleby are a local governing body of the Mowbray Education Trust with a mixture of staff, parents and community.  Mrs Sandra Williamson isAb Kettleby’s Chair of Governors and can be contacted on the following email: admin@abkettleby.org and by contacting the office on: 01664 822 302.

Please click on the link for the Register of Interest for Ab Kettleby Primary School Governors 2016/17. Please click on the link to access the latest Governors Handbook.

Please click on the link for secure access The Trust Governor website: https://www.the-trust-governor.co.uk/matlogin2.php?ret_link=%2F&type=notLogged

Kay Brown - Clerk to Governors